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Typically, when looking at office space, signage may not come up until the very end of the discussions. There are multiple ways landlords can address signage. The most common would be that the landlord has built and allotted space on a multi-tenant board, which you will be given a space for your name. Other areas would include, exterior and interior door signs, building directories, or an exterior “wall” sign – one actually on the building. Depending on the type of business you are in, signage may not be critical. For example, if you are a manufacturers rep and your clients do not come to your business, then obviously signage is less critical – after all rarely is someone driving by and says “oh – I see XYZ industrial pumps are right there – I think I’ll stop in and buy one”. In most cases, signage is fairly cut and dry – as it is controlled by the local zoning codes, and what is allowed by the local code, has been negotiated ahead of time by the owner of the building. Also, typically signage is at the expense of the tenant, including if necessary an application for a change of signage with a local board– so make sure you have this cost budgeted into your moving cost. We have many great sign companies that we have found to be excellent at delivering your new signage – please give us a call if you need a referral. Below are some excellent office space options with great signage exposure.

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