The Time is Now for Retail!

During the “great recession” I witnessed so many businesses either going out of business or downsizing locations to survive the 5 year slow down from 2007 to 2012. It was a depressing and difficult time. However, since 2012 we have seen and experienced a gradual and strengthened recovery. The following are the top 4 reasons why I think it makes sense to either lease or buy that new location!  

  1. Landlords are motivated to fill the spaces they have. That means low rental rates that you could lock in for the next 20 years,  and control one of the biggest expenses of the business.
  2. Sellers are motivated to sell! Real estate ownership typically has a long term hold cycle, 10 years plus. There are many baby boomers nearing that stage of divesting their responsibility of commercial real estate.
  3. Money is available & it’s cheap! You can now get a loan for as little as 5-10% down with a fixed 20 year term. Interest rates in most cases are below 5%.
  4. Franchise/Business Opportunities! -There have never been more businesses across the country wanting to expand their foot print. Proven systems allow for a higher chances of success. Again, the baby boomer generation will be bringing long standing opportunities to the market.

Troy Gerspacher, CCIM, Real Estate Agent
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