Feb 28
According to a leading commercial real estate data and research group, in Medina County, there were 21 transfers of raw land in 2014, 13 transfers in 2015, and only 10 transfers in 2016. So, did we miss a bubble? On the contrary we believe land is just getting started! Interest in land for expansion and relocation (as well as speculative development) is heating up. If you have been on the bubble about selling your land, please reach out to one of our agents. Below is a small list of... + read more
Feb 21
N.E. Ohio’s office market has been soft in recent years.  In part this is due to a changing economy and improved technology.  We office users tend to be more mobile these days and rely heavily on our devices.  This phenomenon has allowed us to work from our homes, cars and most anywhere we can be connected to the internet.   The result is less demand for office space.While rents have been stable, they are increasing at a slower rate.  Meanwhile the cost of... + read more
Feb 14
Well, some believe that looking on the internet or driving around and finding an available space that fits the size and budget of their needs is the answer.  Why not follow the lead of larger retailers looking to expand?  Today’s access to information allows us to get detailed information on population and number of households.  A potential market index makes it possible to find gaps or surpluses in retail sales. Considering that data further allows us to analyze submarkets... + read more


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