Feb 07
Industrial demand continues to be very strong with inquiries and tours we continue to experience into the new year.   If you are an industrial building owner,  it’s a great time to consider getting it on the market.  You will have the opportunity to sell it for the best price in over 8 years.    If you are current business seeking another building or new space to lease, you may want to start looking now.  Opportunities are coming quickly on and off the... + read more
Jan 31
Residential rental property has long been a starting point for real estate investors.  A residential rental is a conservative investment with lower down payments, higher leverage, lower interest rates, longer depreciation schedules and relative ease in getting into and out of the property compared to most other commercial properties.This type of property often fill personal needs, such as starter homes for your kids, and a way to transfer wealth from one generation to the next.  It... + read more
Jan 24
Location, condition, income/expenses, are all important factors when looking at commercial real estate. Price is obviously a major factor as well. Occasionally we are asked “how much does it cost to get started in commercial real estate?”  Below are 6 of the least expensive properties we have available for sale (with buildings not just vacant land) all below $135k! For  example, a $135,000 building, with a 20% down payment ($27,000.00), amortized over 15 years at 5%... + read more


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