Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Sep 14
Top five must do's in preparation for negotiating your next Lease.  What is important? Give yourself as much time as possible, say 4-8 months prior to expiration. Tour other spaces and have options to create leverage.  Even if you do not want to move. The less information you give to either your current landlord or the new landlord, the better.  Show very little emotion about your desire to want to go to the location.  Even if you really want it, don't... + read more
Aug 18
Common Area Maintenance (“CAM”) Fees are a tenant’s proportionate share of a property’s operating expenses that the landlord is subject to during the normal operation and maintenance of a property.  CAM Fees, also known as Operating Expenses, are charged on top of the base rent and are usually stated as a cost per square foot. CAM Fees should only include legitimate expenses relating to the operation and maintenance of the common areas.  Normal CAM Fees... + read more
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