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Nov 13
What demographic group comes to mind when you read “transitioning from the trend of homeowners to renters?” Is your answer Millennials? Think again.Focus your attention on the largest demographic for the past 50 years: yes, the Baby Boomers. For the past several years, the real estate industry has focused on Millennials as the primary renter demographic. We’ve heard countless stories of Millennials running from homeownership; because either they can’t afford a home, want... + read more
Dec 20
Often people ask us, "how can I make money in real estate?"  Our answer is - "buy low and sell high."  Multi-family has shown the most gains since the last great downturn.  Perhaps you are holding a multi-family property that you have maintained and increased rents ever so slightly over the years.  You now find yourself thinking it might be a good time to get it on the market, capitalize on the increase in value, and take some of your profits off the... + read more
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