Office Real Estate

Sep 27
Typically, when looking at office space, signage may not come up until the very end of the discussions. There are multiple ways landlords can address signage. The most common would be that the landlord has built and allotted space on a multi-tenant board, which you will be given a space for your name. Other areas would include, exterior and interior door signs, building directories, or an exterior “wall” sign – one actually on the building. Depending on the type of business... + read more
May 02
The demand in the office market for 2016 appears to be improving but over all is still very weak.  Office vacancy through out Northeast Ohio is near 30%.   What does that mean for you?  There has probably never been a better time to either buy an office building for a great price (with instant equity) or lock in low rent.  If you are able to negotiate options to renew your lease agreement, you will not only save thousands of dollars in rent, you will also... + read more
Nov 17
There has never been a better time in the past 10 years to either get a great deal on a lease or the purchase of an office building. There has been a long drought (2007-present) in the demand for this product which means there is a lot of motivated sellers and landlords that want to get their building filled or sold now! If your lease is expiring, make sure you explore the options in the market and negotiate a great below market rent-long term deal, but with short term options that will... + read more
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