Professional Consulting

If you are in need of non-traditional help outside of representation with your commercial land or building, please consider Gerspacher Real Estate Group. Learn more about our consulting services.

Consulting Services

Commercial Real Estate consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of the client and are designed to research information, identify issues, and help advise you of solutions. If you are not in need of full service listing representation or buyer/tenant representation, hourly or “flat-fee” consulting might be the right service for you. If you need help to work through selling the property on your own or leasing/buying a property we can help you behind the scenes. Our long standing experience with commercial and industrial real estate, allows us to offer great expertise in the following areas:

  1. Broker Price Opinion (BPO)  - The BPO, or Broker Price Opinion, is a tool used by property owners, lenders, and mortgage companies to value properties in situations where they need a very simple opinion of value versus a very thorough analysis which is prepared by a certified appraiser.

    A BPO is different than an appraisal, as it is prepared by a licensed real estate professional and not a licensed appraiser. The broker prepares either a Drive By BPO or an Internal/Site Visit BPO. There are many factors that will affect the price of a property in a BPO report including surrounding communities, income & expense, sale or lease comparables, and capital improvements needed to bring a property to market.

  2. Buyer/Tenant Representation- If you have already engaged your landlord or seller about leasing or buying the property you occupy, negotiating your renewal, or have another property you are considering, we are able to advise you behind the negotiating table.   Questions like, how much should I pay, how do I structure my lease, what contingencies should I have in my purchase agreement and many other important factors that go into a negotiation. We are able to consult you on fixed fee basis or hourly basis.
  3. Property Tax Complaints - If your property taxes have increased and the increased value of your property is in question, we can help. Although you may need a certified appraiser, and an attorney to best make your best case, we provide a service to help make the argument for the value of the property. It’s important to be in a position to challenge the appraisal that the board of revisions are using for the basis of the valuation. There are attorneys who specialize in arguing with the board of revisions, who will take your case on a contingency basis, and only charge a fee if you receive a reduction in your real estate taxes.
  4. Area Analysis - We have excellent sources to dig into the market that you are interested in pursuing. This may include population statics, income levels, and traffic counts to name just a few. If you need market research we can help.
  5. Lease Agreement Analysis/Opinions - If you are in a lease or you are a landlord putting a lease together for tenant, we can help you.  It is important to understand the best way to structure rents, pass through expenses, options to renew, build out allowances, options to purchase and termination clauses.   All of the factors in the end impact the value of your real estate and the control you have over your property. It is important to understand  the market  and how much rent you are either paying or receiving.
    If you are an investor looking to purchase an investment property with tenants that create cash flow, we can provide you a review of the economics and terms of the leases. It is always recommend to use an attorney for the legalities, however, attorneys don’t always understand how the rents and terms may impact the value of a property.
  6. Construction Management- If you need help managing the construction of either a build out of tenant space or an improvement to the exterior of building, our agents have the experience and ability to guide you on an hourly or fixed fee based arrangement including design, bidding,  contractor selection and execution.